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Questions? The common answers are found here. As always, please feel free to call or email us at any time.

How fast can I get my book? We offer 10 Day Turnaround on digitally produced books from the approval of your final Live Dummy™. Very large quantity books that we produce overseas could take as long as 6 weeks to produce, but generally you’ll looking at sooner rather than later.

Rush projects can be produced fairly quickly (a few days sometimes) from a complete InDesign or QuarkXPress file with all fonts and links supplied. However, if you’re book is in Word or not yet designed, even a rush project will take a minimum of 2 weeks.

As always, the best thing to do its to talk with us and we can give you a closer answer. If you have a deadline coming up, call us and we’ll see what we can do.

How much will it cost? That depends upon quite a few factors. Usually, though, most of the books we produce are in the $3 range. See our pricing page, contact us, or submit a quote request form, and we’ll get you a quote – often instantly, but always within a few days.

Will I see a proof? Yes, nearly all books will involve a proof. (If it’s an extremely tight deadline you may be asked to waive your proof so we can make it happen) With most books the proof is our Live Dummy, which is a complete “real” book – just without the binding and the coating on the cover. This is the closest you’ll get to a complete book without completing the book.

What’s your process? To get started send us your files and sign a bid (not necessarily in that order). We’ll review your files and digitally handle whatever needs to happen to get you a proof. If design is involved, you’ll talk with an art director and the artist and see a number of rounds of proofs. For design projects, you’ll sign off on a final digital or printed proof. From your approved art or the final file you submitted, we’ll get your LIve Dummy out. Once you approve the Live Dummy we produce your books ... in just 10 days or less (in most cases) you’ll have beautiful final printed books in your hands.

What to I do go get started? You have your choice of ways to get started:

(a) Call us (b) Email us your file (c) Upload your files via the link at left (d) Fax us your bid (if you have one)

What file types to you accept? We can make just about any file type work. We prefer QuarkXPress or InDesign files, as they work the best. We can accept Word, Publisher, CorelDraw and even PowerPoint files. However, these will incur additional costs to rebuild the file in a format fit for printing. The best answer, however, is to just call us and we’ll tell you how what you have will work.

Final files should come with links and fonts. So if you designed your own file, do not embed any links in the file. Although we will accept other file types, for best quality you should be sending separate 300 dpi CMYK Tiff files.

We accept both Mac and PC files on most media types, but prefer Macs on CDs.

What are your terms? Unless you run projects with us on an ongoing basis, we request 50% upon approval of your Live Dummy and 50% on shipping. In limited circumstances our credit dept. may modify those terms.