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Live Dummy
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We so firmly believe that weíre the best short-run quality book publisher in the nation that we stick our neck out and say:

Guaranteed Great: If you donít love your Live Dummy, weíll either fix it or refund 100% of your deposit!

What does that mean? Itís simple:

  1. Send us your digital file(s), specifiations, signed bid & deposit
  2. We create a Live Dummyô (a book mockup on actual paper, to-size, including cover. Itís a complete book except for the cover lamination and binding)
  3. If you donít think the quality is great, then weíll fix it or refund your deposit!

But our top-notch service doesnít stop there. Once your book is approved, we offer 10-Day Turnaround (please see the 10-Day page for details) so you can get your book selling as soon as possible!

Donít wait weeks or months for a mediocre product. Call now or click "Quote Request" to get started.