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THE PROCESS IS SIMPLE Our short-run books are produced on a high-end digital press for the covers and a high-quality copier for the interior pages – but unless you’re a printer you’ll never know the difference. (Order some samples and see for yourself.) And the process of getting them to you, quickly and affordably, is quite simple. Each book order follows this path:

  1. Initiate project We just need a signed bid and your file (and sometimes a deposit) to get going. This step is in your hands.
  2. Layout/Design Some books require layout and design, which we can handle. If your book is already done, you can skip this step. Once the layout & design is approved, we’ll need your written approval before we proceed. This step is jointly held between you and us.
  3. Digital Prepress Once the art is approved, we use a long checklist - developed over a 10 year period - to check your file for nearly every known pitfall. Then we lay it out the way that it needs to be for printing. You’ll rarely hear about this step from us – but be careful, as some of the local “publishers” can have big trouble here.
  4. Live Dummy™ After we’ve prepared the book for printing, for digital books we print and send you a Live Dummy. This sample proof shows you the layout and quality of your book. You’ll need to approve it in writing before we move ahead. (But of course we guarantee you’ll love it – or we’ll fix it or refund your deposit.)
  5. Printing Your books will run in the most efficient way possible. Usually that means in-house, but no (honest) printer will tell you they do everything themselves – it’s not possible. Sometimes we’ll also use our extensive list of trade vendors. Either way, we know the best way to create your book. This step is in our hands.
  6. Bindery Once the printing is completed your book is bound.
  7. Delivery That’s it! We ship your book, usually within 10 days from your Live Dummy approval.

As you can see, the process is quite simple, and most of the burden rests not on you, but on us. Give us a try, call or email a quote request today.