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Printmedia Books The best short-run high-quality books you can get!

We hate to brag. But we feel it would be a disservice to you to let you print your short-run (50 to 50,000) books anywhere else. So we feel it's our duty to let you know our strengths and weaknesses.

Printmedia Books is a division of Printmedia Companies of Southern California, a print-based design firm. Over our 10 years of producing general printed products we've come to discover that we're really good at certain products, like books. (As a matter of fact, last year we spun-off a successful calendar company.)

Within the last few years, the short-run book niche has risen to the top of our specialization list. We'll admit, it was kind of an accident. Our equipment and people mix just happened to work out perfectly for this, and as word began to spread we kept producing more and more books.

To keep this simple and short, the bottom line is that we're willing to work hard to earn your book business. We offer a guaranteed high-quality product and quick turnaround, in-house design services, and competitive prices. We'll even help you compare us with others -- use the "compare" link at left. And if you've found a better vendor, then by all means use them.

But check us out. We're pretty sure you won't find anyone who delivers such great books with friendly, fantastic and quick service (at least, not at these prices).

Please explore our site, and when you're ready request some samples or a price quote. Thank you!