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Live Dummy™

Can I see one before it’s printed? Our competitors may think we’re crazy, but we offer a pre-production sample called Live Dummy. This is close as you can get to seeing a final book without actually having your final books. Yes, you can see your book before it’s printed!

The Live Dummy is printed on the actual paper that your cover and interior pages will be printed on. The cover is full-color. The Live Dummy comes unbound (so the cover and sheets are loose). Also, the cover is not yet laminated, so the paper doesn’t yet have that great high-gloss look that your final book will have.

If you haven’t received previously printed samples that show the quality of our binding and lamination, you’ll receive a few of those at the same time.

And the best part is, if you don’t love the quality then we’ll refund your deposit. So there’s no risk!

Now, we are amazing, but we do have some small limitations:

  • Applies only to digitally produced books
  • If we are laying out your book, any potential refund doesn’t include layout costs
  • Keep in mind that the Live Dummy doesn’t include lamination and binding

Once your book is approved, we begin production, and offer our famous 10-Day Turnaround.

See the future. See your book before you spend the money. Call now or click “Quote Request” to get started.