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WE INCLUDE MORE THAN THE OTHER GUYS As much as we book publishers want to pretend that this is a product-based business, it’s really a service business in disguise. Your product can be late and terrible from a rude vendor, or beautiful and on-time from a friendly one ... it’s all a matter of the service you receive. Here are some of the standard services included in most book orders:

Up front quote Don’t guess on the cost to produce your book. And -- unless they will invest significantly to promote it -- don’t give away your book’s profits to a shady publisher. Know the cost up front, in writing.

Digital Prepress This usually “hidden” step can completely alter the quality of your book. Frequently we catch errors/problems that could make you look unprofessional. Don’t risk it ... use an experienced book printer.

Live Dummy™ See what you’re getting before you get it. With this option available, why would you do anything else?

Quality Printing & Binding Our reputation is based upon our quality, and so is yours. We know that if you look good, then so do we.

10-day Turnaround Most books are produced in just 10 days from approval of your Live Dummy. (We’ve seen others who take 6-weeks or more!) Get your books out there ... now!

Friendly Personal Service Get answers to questions. Talk to someone who cares what happens. Reach a decision maker instantly. It makes a difference.

We love our jobs, and we love delivering outstanding books to our clients. Call or email and get the process started for your book.